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My name is Jan Izard. I grew up in North West London and drawing was my passion as a child – along with a love of animals and nature. I have an early childhood memory of sitting alone in a field behind my family home, completely mesmerised by the grass and insects – and feeling at peace.


I believe peaceful moments are experienced by being totally in the 'now'. That is what it feels like for me when I paint – everything else disappears. I call it 'meditating in motion'.

I like to work with watercolour and pastel and am inspired by nature. The more I paint, the more I become aware of my environment – the shapes, the colours, the hues and I can't wait to get to my studio and recreate it in my art. Of course, since the creation of mobile phone cameras, it's so much easier to record what I see in an instant.


I regularly visit London art galleries where I am inspired and develop a lot of ideas. I am drawn to impressionist works and my admiration for their talent keeps me very grounded and humble. Much of my art is painting animals. I work from photographs using primarily watercolour that allows me to capture detail in the fur.


Thank you for visiting my website.  I do hope you found enjoyment from my art. 

Pet Portrait Artist in UK
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